Ecoturism-Enviromental policy

“Las casas de amarita” are aware of the need to protect and keep the enviroment healthy, our main objective is to contribute to the sustainability of natural resources, and to aply our enviromental policy we promise:

  • To fulfil all of the regulations and rules that may be aplicable to the agroturistic sector.
  • To boost our residents´s ecological awareness
  • To reduce the overall amount of waste and to boost recycling.
  • To reduce the amount of deadly emisions to the enviroment by using solar panels to heat our water, and wood-burning chimneys to heat up our rooms.
  • To make appropiate use of energy and water.
  • To share the produce from our garden and our allotment.
  • To offer cycling as an turistic alternative
  • To inform turists on the Enviromental policy and on the ecological measures that we have placed, measures implemented in the housing.